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English Language


This is one of the core subjects of the National Curriculum. There is an emphasis on standard English. Programs of study are taught on a class, group and individual basis and conform to the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy. A typical lesson will involve a whole class introduction and lesson, followed by group and individual work and ending with a whole class review. Whole class interactive teaching always forms part of each lesson.


Much of the language work dovetails closely with the development of reading skills, but equal importance is placed on the creative, speaking, listening, grammatical and presentational skills appropriate to the child’s stage of development.


Language skills, it must be emphasised, are not confined simply to the English lesson. Learning the skills of our language is important – handwriting, spelling, sentence construction, punctuation and so on – but the use of language throughout the curriculum and the skills associated with that use are also of great importance in the development of your child’s facility with language. From Year 2 upwards, your child will have a weekly spelling test, and parents are requested to help with the learning of spelling at home.