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Since September 2013 the school has a new team of supportive School Governors. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and offer a wide range of experience for our school. They share responsibility for everything that happens to, and within, Oughterside School. There are 6 full Governing Body meetings per year along with 5 committee meetings.The term of office is 4 years from their start date. The Instrument of Government is as follows:


2 Parent Governors

1 LA Governor

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher

3 co-opted Governors

2 Partnership Governors (1 x vacancy)




Finance & Staffing Committee

Standards,Curriculum, Performance & Pupil Welfare committee

Site, Premises, Health & Safety committee.


Resignations in the last 12 months


Barry Alderson  – 10/04/2016 -Partnership Governor

Brian Gorman – 13th July 2016 – LA Governor

Paul Clark- 31/08/2016 – Co-opted GovernorVice Chair


Name Position on Governors Date Started Expiry date Committee Member/Position 2016/2017



Business Interests Relationship to staff Voting rights   
Sarah Jardine



Staff Governor 06/09/2012


As long as in post

As long as in post Finance &Staffing


Standards, Curriculum & Pupil Welfare

Site, Premises H&S




Staff None yes  
Ann Bonington




Staff Governor 01/09/2016 01/09/2020 Standards, Curriculum,& Pupil Welfare (chair) 5/6 Staff None yes  
Clare Sowerby




Parent Governor



11/09/2013 11/09/2017 Finance & Staffing



5/6 Accountant None yes  
Kevin Hall



Parent Governor


Link Governor


21/05/2014 21/05/2018 Site, Premises, H&S



2/6 None Spouse



Wendy Smart LA Governor 01/09/2016 01/09/2020 Standards, Curriculum & pupil welfare


Safeguarding governor





Teacher at Silloth primary None




Vicky Bell



Co-opted Governor



11/09/2013 11/09/2017 Standards, Curriculum & Pupil Welfare.


Site, Premises, H & S.

5/6 None None yes  
John Cowan Co-opted Governor 10/02/2016 10/02/2020 Site, Premises, H & S committee 6/6 None None yes  
Jackie Willis



Co-Opted Governor



01/09/2016 01/09/2020 Standards, Curriculum & pupil Welfare committee  5/6 None None yes  
Linda Snowdon



Partnership Governor 10/02/2016 10/02/2020 Standards,Curriculum, performance, Pupil Welfare.


Finance & Staffing

5/6 None None yes  
Tim Herbert Associate Governor 10/02/2016 10/02/2020 Finance & Staffing 5/6



Local Vicar/


Governor Beacon Hill & Richmond Hill School

None no