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Lunch Menus

Hot Lunches

Our meals are prepared off-site by an excellent cook working from kitchens at Beacon Hill School.  The children really enjoy the high-quality food prepared each day from fresh ingredients and following Government Healthy Food Guidelines. Children tell us regularly that the food is “gorgeous” – certainly, there is very little waste. School meals cost £12.50 per week, payable at the office on a Monday. We now also offer a half portion for nursery pupils costing £1.25 per day (£6.25 per week) The children have a choice of either what is on the menu or a jacket potato with a cheese, beans or tuna filling. 


Packed Lunch

Children may choose to have a packed lunch.  We ask that packed lunches are as healthy as possible and no fizzy drinks. 

Free School Meals

If your child is entitled to a free school meal, please let us know.Application forms are available from the Local Authority. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence and no child receiving free school meals is identified in any way.


Children may bring a snack to eat during morning break if parents wish.These must be healthy no fizzy drinks or sweets.



School dinners are provided by Beacon Hill at a cost of £2.50 per day (£1.25 for nursery pupils) We need half a term notice for pupils who are moving from packed lunches to dinners and vice versa.  Take a look at our menu’s below.

School dinners Autumn 2017