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Mathematics is one of the core subjects of the National Curriculum. The main mathematical schemes in use throughout the school are ‘Heinemann’ and ‘Collins Mathematics’. Other activities include practical mathematics and problem solving. The school follows programs conforming to the requirements of the National Numeracy Strategy.


A typical lesson will involve whole class mental arithmetic followed by a focused class lesson on a particular mathematical concept. This is followed by group and individual work and ends with a whole class review. Whole class interactive teaching always forms part of each lesson.

Emphasis is placed on understanding through intellectual rigour and practical experience the computational skills, and the wider areas of mathematics required by the National Curriculum. We place great importance upon the learning of number bonds, which includes ‘tables’. From Year 2 upwards, your child will have a regular ‘tables’ test, and parents are asked to assist with the learning of tables at home.


Children in Upper Key Stage 2 are required to take home the core mathematics scheme on a regular basis. Parents are requested to ensure that extra work is submitted for checking after a maximum of two pages are completed. Work must cease if there is difficulty in order for the class teacher to address the problem at the earliest opportunity.