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Charging and Remissions Policy

In response to the 1988 Education Act, the school has a charging policy which states that ‘the curriculum offered to a pupil at Oughterside School is not subject to a charge, or the parents’ willingness to make a voluntary contribution.


The Governors reserve the right to make a charge for certain items e.g. willful breakage, damage or voluntary contribution to fund activities within or outside school hours.


When groups of children are taken on educational visits or residential courses, parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to the costs incurred by the school. In the case of residential visits, a charge for board and lodging is made. In many cases, the Oughterside Foundation School Fund is used to assist with transport costs.


We regret having to ask for parental contribution but advise that whenever there are insufficient voluntary contributions it will result in that particular activity being cancelled.


Oughterside Foundation School will always be sympathetic towards parents experiencing financial difficulty. All such information will be treated in the strictest confidence.