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All our policies are available as paper copies should you require them.  Please just call in at the office and we can arrange for a paper copy to be given to you.

Access to Documentation


The following documents will be made available to interested parents at any reasonable time following prior notice given to the School Office:


  • The Aims of Oughterside Foundation School,
  • General statutory Policies,
  • The National Curriculum Programmes of Study,
  • The Oughterside Foundation School Policy for Religious Education,
  • The Oughterside Foundation School Governors’ Annual Report,
  • Minutes of Oughterside School Governors’ Meetings,
  • Inspectors’ Reports,
  • The Articles of Governance,
  • Department for Education and Employment Regulations,
  • Funding Agency for Schools Regulations,
  • The Oughterside Foundation School Complaints’ Procedure,
  • The Department for Education and Employment Complaints’ Procedure.

Additional Behavour Policy September 2020