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Uniform Information

School Uniform provide our school uniforms except for school ties which can be purchased from the school office for £3. They offer a great range of uniforms including jumpers, PE sweatshirts and PE t-shirts along with book bags, hats and school jackets.


Please use the following link which will take you to the ordering website:

Boys Uniform


Grey trousers or shorts in summer

Plain white shirt & school tie

Oughterside school jumper with logo

Black school shoes or plain black trainers


Girls Uniform


Grey trousers/skirt/pinafor or gingham dress in summer

Plain white shirt & school tie

Oughterside school jumper or cardigan with logo

Black school shoes or plain black trainers


PE uniform


Black shorts

White T-shirt with school logo

Black jogging pants

Black sweatshirt with school logo


We are very proud of our children and like to see them well-dressed. We feel that it is most important that we train our children to take a pride in their personal appearance. The children are expected to keep their school uniform clean and tidy.

Please ensure that pupils have their P.E. kit in school every week day. Kits should be brought on Monday mornings and taken home on Friday afternoons to be washed. In order to ensure protection from the elements during cold weather, children are asked to wear an old sweatshirt or tracksuit top, as well as a P.E. vest, for activities out of doors.


Hair Cuts, Jewellery and Mobile Telephones

1. The children are expected to have neat, tidy and traditional hair styles. The school does not permit “extreme” haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children. Fashion hair cuts such as tram lines, bizarre styles or brightly dyed hair are not acceptable to the Governing Body of this School.


2. For safety reasons, ear-rings are not permitted: this includes studs.


3. Decorative and expensive jewellery is not appropriate for school and thusly not permitted. Watches may be worn, at your child’s own risk. It is advised that children take off watches for P.E.


4. Mobile telephones are not required. Should there be good reason for a child to carry a mobile on a particular occasion, it should be handed in to the School Office for safe keeping. We do allow the older children to bring mobile phones for certain occasions such as school trips. Mobiles have proved very useful on the few occasions coaches have been delayed by traffic. Parents have appreciated the calls.