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Special Educational Needs


Our SENDCO is Mrs Sarah Jardine


When pupils are thought to have Special Needs, we seek advice from appropriate agencies.


Any child considered to have Special Educational Needs will be offered the opportunity of receiving an ‘S.E.N.’ Programme. This will be determined by the school after consultation with the child’s parents and the appropriate agencies. Whereas we will strive to include every child in this school, any prescribed programme required by particular needs and consequent admission to this school will depend on sufficient public funds being made available by Cumbria Local Authority. This is especially the case where significant extra levels of staffing, and other resources, are required to meet a child’s needs. The Health and Safety of each child remains paramount.


Parents are advised that Cumbria is a poorly resourced area. However, this school will always actively support parents pursuing a case for appropriate resources from the local authority.


At times, it may be necessary for a Psychologist to assess a child’s progress in order to determine the necessary support. In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to ask for a multi-disciplinary assessment of a child. This involves reports from the: School Medical Officer, School Nurse, Educational Psychologist, Headteacher, child’s teacher and any outside agencies involved with the child. A copy of the ‘Assessment’ is sent to parents with any recommendations for the future educational needs of the child.


This document is called a ‘Statement of Special Educational Needs’ and parents are given fifteen days to appeal against the recommendations if they consider them unsatisfactory.


The local authority publishes their offer here:

School SEND Policy, School Offer and Information Report